Welcome to Azure Bridal

We have gone to great lengths to make this a Glamorous and welcoming place where any bride to be can feel comfortable exploring our collection of designer gowns.

We provide a unique – and much simplified – bridal shopping experience. All of our gowns are displayed to provide an immediate sense of how it might look like on you, rather than wondering what it may look like on the hanger! We also have a full and constantly updated catalogue displaying all the gowns we stock, so you can find your way right to the styles that interest you most. We would be happy to arrange an appointment that will allow you and your companions to explore our entire range of gowns, shoes and accessories, with our team’s undivided attention.

Our F&Q page should cover everything you may need to know about your visit.

Stocked as it is with the work of international designers from around the world, we take great pride in our Gallery and devote a great deal of time and effort to making sure you see the dresses in perfect condition.
Azure Bridal stocks styles to suit both modern and classic tastes. In fact, every gown at Azure Bridal is unique and has its own story to tell when you try it on. Once you have picked a few likely gowns from the gallery, our team will assist you in trying them on, so you can see the full, dazzling effect for yourself.

We’ll help you get a sense not just of the look, feel and fit of the dresses, but of the way they walk and move with you.

THE DESIGNER page has an introduction to all our international designers.

Everyone here at Azure Bridal Gallery is committed to making finding your perfect wedding gown an elegant, luxurious and definitely fun experience. Come and see for yourself why the Azure Bridal experience is unique!

Please find all the information you may need on our DISCOVER page where you will find contact and location details.

Hope to see you soon!

From all the team at Azure Bridal.

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